Modern Bohemian Interiors

We are living in an extraordinary time when it comes to the wealth of interior design that is available to us today. It has never been so abundant with the variety of fabrics, wallpapers and furniture. New high tech products are constantly available, as well as antique and rustic materials that have been revamped to sit comfortably in a contemporary setting.

The wonderful part about all these choices is that today we can happily mix and match the pieces that we love. The rule book has been thrown away, and we have been told you regain our confidence and decorate with our hearts and guts. Concrete and velvet are now well matched neighbours, just as a fabulous statement chandelier can hang happily above a stripped-back oak refrectory table.

If I was to introduce any rules I would say stick strictly only to the pieces that you really, really love – don’t add in anything that doesn’t make you squeal with delight, and above all be honest. Our homes are there to make us feel rested and secure. They should also inspire and invigorate and only you know how to achieve these emotions in yourself. Have some fun and don’t be shy.